We create Daily Elegant, Exquisite and Unique jewellery designs that can not only reveal the beauty and confidence inside you, but also empower you to shine.

All products are made from premium lab created stones, forged with the purest form of silver or gold, and created for you with the finest and heartfelt craftsmanship.

Engagement & Wedding Rings
Engagement rings have been a tradition of centuries signifying the proposal of two kindred spirits for a life together. As each woman is one of a kind, her ring similarly shows a unique style and sophistication. We are dedicated in selecting or creating the best ring that fits your beloved.

Minerva Jewelry Original

Founder and designer of Minerva Jewelry, creates one of a kind pieces, always achieving a style that  accentuates the materials used. Find the necklace for your next big event, brilliant diamond earrings for elegance to elevate your daily wear or gift yourself with a little something to mark a special occasion. 

Adress: 245 East main street,suite 107, Alhambra,CA 91801, US

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